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We believe we are the best in the commercial field as we cover the whole of the North West carrying out projects of various sizes.

EPG Commercial work closely with clients which include industrial facilities, public and commercial buildings, schools, colleges, residential and Leisure complexes. Offering a comprehensive maintenance services, all emergency call outs are attended within 2hrs (during office hours, 8 – 5pm).

Commercial services for your business include:


  • 3 phase 400v installations
  • Fire alarms (BS5839)
  • Emergency lighting (BS5266)
  • Installations & wiring (BS7671: 2008, incorporates AMD3 2016)
  • Data and communications cabling
  • Low Energy Lighting Conversions
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Ventilation Design & Installation


  • Heating & ventilation
  • Building management systems
  • Lab services
  • Pressured air and gas systems
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Control valves and heating valves
  • Heating sensors and controls
  • Commercial boiler systems


  • Boiler room refurbishment and modernisation
  • Boiler installation and maintenance
  • Commercial office central heating systems
  • Pipework installation and design
  • Full testing and commissioning
  • Pump servicing
  • Plant servicing
  • Heating system repairs
  • Gas tightness testing


3 Phase 400v Installations

Your commercial and industrial electrical installations and modifcations are in our safe hands. We can take care of the whole process, from delivering the 400V supply from the mains supply, right through to the distribution boards used to manage the 400V/three phase supply.

Fire Alarms (BS5839)

Fires can have catastrophic consequences, endangering lives and causing devastating damage to your premises. The choice of fire alarm system depends on the building structure, purpose and use of the building. At EPG we can install a brand new system to meet your requirements and also maintain and repair your existing alarm.

Security Alarm Systems

A reliable security alarm system is paramount to any business. A break-in can disrupt day-to-day operations and affect the confidence of those who work on site. At EPG, we use only high quality, reliable equipment, installed to the latest European Standards for Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV and Access Control Systems.

CCTV Systems

Working alongside your intruder alarm, A CCTV system is a proven method of crime prevention. We can install, maintain, repair and service commercial CCTV systems at your place of work.

Low Energy Lighting Conversions

Following the introduction of low-energy LED, the efficiency of lighting systems has increased ten-fold, whilst reducing the overall running cost and installation premiums of a premises. We constantly strive to combine new and old technologies to produce greener, energy-saving solutions for our customers.

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Emergency Lighting (BS5266)

Legislation dictates that your business premises should install emergency lighting and also the areas in which it should cover. We offer a range of emergency lighting services to suit the needs of your establishment. Our specialist and professional team can design, install and maintain your emergency lighting system to ensure that you are fully compliant with British Standards.

Installations & Wiring (BS7671: 2008, incorporates AMD3 2016)

BS 7671 sets the standards for electrical installation in the UK and many other countries. Our fully accredited engineers have the knowledge and experience to perform both visual and electrical tests to the new BS 7671:2008, the amended IEE Wiring Regulations that ensure the safest and most secure practices possible.

Data and Communications Cabling

EPG engineers come fully equipped with the latest state-of the-art equipment and are fully conversant with installation techniques, backed by the high quality training they have received. We can tailor installations to your needs in a tidy manner and with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Ventilation Design & Installation

When it comes to commercial ventilation services, the EPG team have a wealth of knowledge. We can design, manufacture and installation of systems in offices, retail stores, bars, pubs & clubs, cafes & restaurants, warehouses, factories and schools & colleges. We are able to create cost effective systems, designed around the needs of your business.

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Heating and Ventilation

Heating and ventilation plays an essential role in maintaining indoor air quality and regulating air movement. It’s vital to the comfort, health and safety of everyone who uses your building.

We can provide the best heating and ventilation solution for all types of commercial premises including offices, retail outlets, restaurants, leisure facilities and industrial facilities.

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems monitor and control services such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, to ensure they operate at their optimum efficiency and economy, which in turn improves the comfort within your working environment.

EPG can install and maintain BMS to give customers a straight forward and comprehensive approach to managing your premises.

Lab Services

Our highly qualified plumbing team has experience in all types of lab installation. Whether you are moving into a new building and require new laboratory installation, or are looking to refurbish existing laboratory facilities EPG can help. We supply and install all types of lab facilities from wet labs to fume cabinets and laboratory furniture.

Pressured Air and Gas Systems

Whatever your fluid, air and gas handling requirements we can deliver a bespoke solution tailored exactly to your needs. All our engineers are fully trained with a thorough knowledge of the law relevant to the installation and subsequent use and maintenance of pressure systems.

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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating spreads the heat distribution and heats a room from the bottom up, rather than the ceiling down. This means the effects are felt more quickly and the whole room is warmed efficiently. Most commonly laid within a solid floor base, they can also be installed into traditional suspended floors, floating wooden or laminate floors or battened floors. Our extensive experience installing underfloor heating systems guarantees greater efficiencies, enhancing your energy savings.

Control Valves and Heating Valves

With a wide range in a variety of shapes, styles and functions, our plumbing engineers can repair and replace all types or control and heating valves.

Heating Sensors and Controls

We offer a full controls installation & maintenance service and can offer you advice on your existing installation. We also repair sensors and controls to ensure a smooth running of your premises or facility.

Commercial Boiler Systems

We service, repair, install and replace boilers and heating systems to the highest possible standard. Any gas fired apparatus should have regular maintenance carried out by qualified and certified engineer to ensure the very best running conditions and reliability. Also, the law requires that such gas fired apparatus should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions at least once per annum. Regular servicing also ensures that your boiler is running at optimum efficiency, saving you money on increasing energy costs.

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Boiler Room Refurbishment and Modernisation

Whether you need a single boiler central heating system installed into a small office, a larger modular boiler set up or boiler room modernisation for large commercial or industrial premises, our skilled team of engineers provide complete installation, refurbishment and maintenance services.

Boiler Installation and Maintenance

We service, repair, install and replace boilers and heating systems to the highest possible standard. Any gas fired apparatus should have regular maintenance carried out by qualified and certified engineer to ensure the very best running conditions and reliability.

Commercial Central Heating Systems

A central heating boiler usually provides the main heat source for a building and its size must be correctly assigned. If the boiler is oversized, then fuel bills will be excessively high, if undersized it may not generate enough heat for your premises, especially in the colder months. Our registered Gas Safe enginners have a reputation for providing safe and quality heating solutions for your office, retail outlet, restaurant, school, leisure or industrial facility.

Pipework Installation and Design

Minimising disruption or delays is of the upmost importance in order to complete a successful project. With EPG your new gas infrastructure ensures everything will be done on time and above all on-budget. All outlet pipework installations are designed and installed in accordance with gas safety legislation and are executed by Gas Safe registered engineers.

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Full Testing and Commissioning

EPG can carry out comprehensive gas testing of commercial gas pipework. Our Gas Safe engineers are ready to deal with all aspects of commercial gas pipework on your industrial or commercial premises. We pride ourselves in delivering tailored solutions that provide efficient and practical benefits to each and every customer.

Pump Servicing

We have worked on a range of commercial heating applications, including heat pumps and solar systems. Heat pumps use renewable energy to give you all the heat and hot water that your building needs, and it saves you money while it’s doing it.

Plant Servicing

EPG have experience in commercial gas plant servicing, & repairs for public and business premises. We service commercial gas heating systems and hot water systems in hotels, residential apartment blocks, residential homes, schools, churches, office blocks, factories, warehouses and many other commercial premises where reliable maintenance is essential.

Heating System Repairs

Whatever your heating system, EPG have the skills and expertise to maintain, repair or install. With a wide variety of heating systems available, EPG will ensure you’re getting the right system for your building.

Gas Tightness Testing

Whilst there is no actual requirement for routine gas tightness tests to be carried out, annual gas safety inspection tests do need to be carried out on commercial properties.


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EPG engineers are NICEIC and Gas Safe registered. All our engineers work to high standards and have passed thorough inspection procedures. Our industry accreditations also ensure our work complies with British safety standards.